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    Translation and interpreting services

    The Translation Department of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region offers translation of various kinds of business documents, and specializes in the fields of trade, economy, finance, marketing, banking, law, technology and others. 

    Translation of the documents is a particular kind of work which requires qualified language competence in business area as well as the use of linguistic clichés and specific vocabulary. Legal translation should be specific, unambiguous and fair, errors are unacceptable. That is why the translation requires top-level professionals with extensive experience in the relevant area who work directly with customers rather than through an agency or "universal" translation bureau. The Translation Department of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry  is staffed with highly skilled specialists experienced in the particular field of knowledge. Financial reports, contracts, press releases, and business correspondence will be translated, then revised by practicing target-language lawyers to eliminate all possible errors of meaning and terminology, then proofread by linguists to check grammar and style. 

    All translated documents can be certified with the seal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region. 

    Materials to be translated:
    - Agreements, contracts;
    - Exhibition materials, stands, brochures;
    - Tenders and application;
    - Founding and registration documents, extracts from the registers;
    - ID cards, various certificates, powers of attorney;
    - Certificates, test reports, licenses;
    - Customs and other documents FEA;
    - Laws and other regulations;
    - Legal opinions and memoranda, adjudications;
    - Business plans, accounting records;
    - User manuals, business correspondence, etc.

    The Department maintains the official documentation, circulation of documents, correspondence in English and Russian and provides linguistic contracts’ support. Express translation of correspondence and other small-volume texts makes it possible to accompany all stages of the preparation of working papers, agreements and contracts. As the need arises, we add valuable comments in order to identify the real needs and the causes of concern of each side. Express translation of small-volume texts performed by a professional translator in an extremely short time, as soon as the order is placed and payment has been made. Once the translation is complete it is delivered to the client.

    The Department creates multi-lingual Web pages. Today, internet is the main source of information and a means of promoting goods and services as well as marketing actions. Localized page increases its popularity and helps to promote the company among the Russian-speaking audience. Our professionals translate text of the site, illustrations and drawings into the Russian language, taking into account the mentality, culture, social and other aspects of the perception of your target audience.

     Translation and adjustment of Website elements:
    - Translation of presentation
    - Translation of graphics 
    - Translation of captions
    - Translation and dubbing of video and audio 
    - Subtitling video and audio material
    - Content selection and design website 
    - Translation of the updating information
    Optimizing the translated site:
    - Translation of the key words
    - Adapted advertising oriented towards Russian customer

    Our specialists carry out oral consecutive interpretation and organize high level events.

    Types of events involving an interpreter:
    - Exhibitions and Forums
    - Conferences, Trainings and Seminars
    - Negotiations and Meetings
    - Presentations and Press Conferences
    - Excursions and Tours

    The Chamber offers a unique opportunity to arrange a familiarization mission to Samara region in order to acquaint you with the investment attractiveness of the region. Here you are to visit the local Free Trade Zone (Tolyatti city), meet with the representatives of the local authorities and the private sector of Samara, so that you can evaluate the extent of your interest in cooperation with local businesses. In case of your interest the Chamber will further the implementation of your business on preferential terms and provide you with any information needed. The Chamber will adapt and translate your investment or business offer into Russian and publish it on our website for free.


    As part of the tour we take on the full range of services and guide you from start to finish of the trip. We will help to make the tour intensive, fruitful and less costly for you.

    From the beginning of our cooperation you receive professional advice on the services suited to your current needs. This unique approach allows you to optimize the cost and time to complete the project and  to determine the final data of the transfer even before the project complete.

    Urgent orders are performed within a working day.