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    To join the Russian market successfully it is required to produce the attractive advertisement of the products or services to draw the attention of potential audience.That is why The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region offers presentation service to help its clients to feel confident in the Russian market. 

    Presentations include: advertisement of the products and services, exploration and search for potential partners, information in mass media and other necessary tasks to provide successful business development.

    Specialists of the Chamber present companies in the most favourable light and draw attention to Samara's business community. We assure our clients that our partners will be provided with the most appropriate audience interested in doing business with their foreign colleagues.

    The benefits of presentations are:

    • Only primary audience may attend presentations;
    • Presentation format implies products and/or services representation, customer value and price list, conditions of delivery and repayment terms and answers. Further business talks are held directly following the presentation;
    • All participants will have time to study basic information about the company presented and will be prepared for the topic. The clients receive the list with the contacts of the participants beforehand;
    • Presentations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are highly valued by the business community of the region.

    The Chamber is staffed with everithing needed for successful presentations:

    • Highly skilled specialists experienced in presentations with updated data bases of different organizations of Samara region;
    • Spacious conference room with capacity of 70 people equipped with air-conditioning system. The building of the Chamber is the refurbished monument of architecture;
    • All necessary technical equipment;
    • Access to the content on the Chamber’s website;
    • Handouts printing service;
    • Coffee break service;
    • Additional ads and PR support, access to the local mass media.

    Our clients may coordinate the whole process of preparation including the following aspects:

    1. Exploration of the primary audience;
    2. Invitation strategy;
    3. Mailing list solution. Distribution of invitations by fax and e-mail;
    4. Preparation of the list of participant;
    5. Registration of the participants.

    Send us your info and we will contact you soon