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    Partner assurance

    Confidence in a partner is a question of great importance in the modern world. That is why The Chamber of Commerce and Industry always protects the rights of its clients and provides them with any information about their Russian partners. The Chamber tests your potential partners in Russia, offers standard credits and makes financial reports.

    Standard credit and financial report include:

    • Full registration data and history of the company;
    • Office address and contact details;
    • Company profile, products and trade marks;
    • Import/export data, suppliers and clients;
    • Information on founders and company management;
    • Branches and related companies;
    • Consolidated balance sheet, profit-and-loss report for the last year and information on partner banks;
    • Adverse information and legal actions;
    • Credit score and credit recommendations.

    Extended credit and financial report in addition includes:

    • Registered real property assets;
    • Registered transport means;
    • Pledge data;
    • Information about affiliated persons and companies;
    • Special requests of the client: additional information you want to know about company.

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