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    Accreditation services

    The participants of the external  economic links actively use a representative office as one of the forms of their presence on the Russia's market and Samara region in particular. This form of presence allows foreign companies to minimize its expenses and join the Russian market as well as establish contacts and work through joint agreements and specific projects. Convenience is also one of the main features, as it is important to be close to the partner, establish direct contact and react swiftly on any changes on the Russian market.

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region licenses offices of the foreign companies and organizations located in the Russian Federation under the law «About the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation». Licensing is one of the charter functions of the Chambers. Representative office of the foreign corporate body in Russia may only be opened by the permission of the accrediting body.

    Accreditation is provided for a term of 1, 2 or 3 years, and if necessary may be prolonged.

    On the whole term full accreditation and visa-support service is provided.

    In case of interest to establish the office situated in the Russian Federation, the companies may apply for provision from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the following documents:

    1. A written application signed by the head of a foreign company, with a company name, date of establishment, location, lines of activity, management representing the company according to its Articles of Association, the goals of opening a representative office, information about a foreign company's ties with Russian partners, outlooks for cooperation development, address, telephone, fax of a representative office in the Russian Federation (or preliminary address and telephone/fax);
    2. Articles of Associations or incorporation documents of the company;
    3. Warrant that the company was registered in conformity with the law: certificate of Registration, extract from the trade register or any other;
    4. The company's decision to open a representative office in the Russian Federation;
    5. Regulations of Representative Office that define the internal rules, rights and its obligations in respect to the foreign company (agreed with the Foreign Company Accreditation department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara Region);
    6. A recommendation letter of a bank serving the company, with the information on the company's financial reliability;
    7. Two letters of recommendation from Russian business partners (one may be the letter from the regional Chamber);
    8. Proper letter of authority for a head of an office;
    9. Information about the corporate body.

    If the company has already accredited its, there are items 1, 4, 5, 7 needed.

    The official papers from the items 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 should be properly certified by the notarial office of Russia, legalized and apostilled in accordance with The Hague convention of 1961 or through the procedure of consular legalization at a consular institution of the Russian Federation, if it is not contradicts with the international agreements of the Russian Federation. All papers should have properly certified translation in Russian. A representative of a foreign company acting as a spokesman in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry should provide notarized letter of authority for opening a representative office.

    In case if the special permission of the state institutions of the country with the representative office is registered in is needed, notarized and legalized copy of this permission should be provided to the Chamber.

    Foreign company aside from the listed documents by the request of the Chamber should provide additional information on its activity.