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    About CCI SR services

    Samara is one of the most successful regions of Russia and famous for its rate of development. The local business community receives great support from the Government. The region pays its attention to the joint business projects and development of international cooperation. Many foreign organizations visited our region recently and have organized personal meetings and established business contacts here. 

    If you are planning to enter the Russian market and open your business in Samara region in particular The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is at your service. Business planning is the basis of the Chamber’s work. The specialists of the Chamber will make a list of the business organizations and potential partners appropriate to your requests, plan the route of the tour and schedule; so you will get all the advantages of the partnership with Russian companies.

    Any question about protection of intellectual property and copyrights, applicable legislation and custom duties may be discussed with the Chamber’s specialists.

    If you visit Russia for the first time, our specialists will be glad to help you. The Chamber offers a unique opportunity to arrange a trade and economic mission to Samara region in order to acquaint you with the investment attractiveness of the region. Here you are to visit the local Free Trade Zone (Tolyatti city), meet with the representatives of the local authorities and the private sector of Samara, so that you can evaluate the extent of your interest in cooperation with local businesses. In case of your interest the Chamber will further the implementation of your business on preferential terms and provide you with any information needed. The Chamber will adapt and translate your investment or business offer into Russian and publish it on our website for free. 

    As part of the tour we take on the full range of services and guide you from start to finish of the trip. We will help to make the tour intensive, fruitful and less costly for you.

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samara region provides following services:

    • Organization of the commercial and economic missions in Russia;
    • Consultations on accreditation of the foreign companies missions in Samara region;
    • Visa support for the foreign residents paying business visits to Russia;
    • Necessary information on Russian corporations and research on potential partners;
    • Information about exhibitions, seminars and conferences in Russia and other countries;
    • Trade show of the foreign companies;
    • Organization of the seminars, conferences and trainings;
    • Translation of the written materials, interpretation services, certification of any translated documents for custom office and other departments;
    • Organization of business and VIP tours in Russia and other countries;
    • Consultations on questions about intellectual property and copyrights;
    • Labor market monitoring.

    Send us your info and we will contact you soon